Mr. Dimples

I met my fetlife guy yesterday. Let’s see, what to call him… I’ve seen other bdsm blogs, and subs like to call their Dom something specific… not necessarily unique… just specific. Like Sir or Master or Mister or something. But I don’t feel like being formal is necessary… yet.

Let’s call him Dimples… It’s not very reverent is it? Feels a bit wrong. But… oh my goodness…. could’ve just spent the whole time watching those dimples move and change shape and settle back into dimples all day. But of course I was forced to pay attention and actually participate in the conversation. My attention span these days is at an all time low.

And I had to snap myself out of it because this is not a meeting of lovers or potential lovers… we would be on strict D/S terms. Fine by me! Just gotta get use to that idea first. Keep myself in check. Keep circling back to the point. I think it’ll just take a bit of practice.

I keep thinking about this guy. And I really want this type of relationship. I want to be someone’s submissive. I can’t wait! I mean, he is being all slow and steady and building trust and I KNOW he is right and this is the way to go, but I’m ready to get in there. I’m more of a trial and error type than lets write down all the details, study, memorize then maybe go slow and see how it goes. But… Whatever Dimples wants, he’ll get…

And I can’t stop thinking about when I want to date someone. How complicated this could be. I don’t want to just dumped Dimples… (I know, I’m getting way ahead of myself here). I mean, if he’s willing to invest time in me and me in him and build up a d/s relationship… That means a lot to me. And again, I remind myself that I am in no state to date someone… RECOVERY. So that should be a moot point. Right?

Well, something happens when a girl decides she shouldn’t date. All the guys come trickling out of the woodwork like insanely angry bees that just had their hive poked. And they follow you around till you are running away in full force and BAM! You get stung. Right now I’m just trying to ignore the bees, like one should… but that buzzing… its… well… lets just say I feel like an 8 year old boy with a stick. Keeping myself in check is HARD.

So I think that once me and Dimples get going that part will get a lot easier… I’ll have the outlet I need. But I foresee this getting extremely complex.

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2 Responses to “Mr. Dimples”

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