I love what it feels like to write. There’s something so releasing about it. My mind is completely focused on the next words that will spill out. At the same time, sometimes it feels like my fingers type all on their own. go. go. go. Soemthing witty, something funny, something relateable.

It matters not how good I am at it. My purpose isn’t to be perfect or famous. Just to get thoughts out. To use my mind in a way that makes me feel whole. I wish I could do a better job explaining this.

Words. They have some how come to be one of my favorite things since starting this blog. Maybe it was always my favorite and I just didn’t know. Maybe it was always a passion of mine.

The cathartic property of writing: it is perfectly satisfying. Being me. Completely. Showing my moods with no filter. Giving a piece of me to the world whether they know it or not. I enjoy binging on my own blogs ever so often. Reading where my mind was in that moment. Seeing progression or seeing some sort of change… Usually its a progressive change – something for the better.

Happy Friday fellow bloggers! Let the ramble flow with you today 🙂

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