second date

He only talked about work. No. He only complained about work. And it’s not juicy exciting complaining… it’s boring admin/paper work complaining. My director this, my notes this, missed my deadline. blah blah blah. I coudn’t even focus after a few minutes. I tried follow up questions that would take it from complaining to future plans or really anywhere but paper work, but it didn’t work. He told me himself that he was a boring guy… Maybe I should’ve listened.

Then he wanted to start a make out session… I’m not one to turn this down, but I am one to keep it tame if I feel less than appreciated. And when I don’t know how a guy feels about me, but he wants to make out… maybe more… and I’m not on the same page… then it’s pretty easy to keep it rated pg-13. Sorry… I’m not at all against quick starts or even one night stands, but thats not what I was looking for from this guy. So it threw me off when he tried to skip a few steps. Has me wondering what his end game was the whole time.

Don’t get me wrong… good kisser, and he knew what he was doing… great combo… just not feeling it.

Oh well. Thinking this one is game over.

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3 Responses to “second date”

  1. GreenEyes -x- Says:

    He sounds boring as hell, lucky escape I’d say!

  2. nosyjosie Says:

    lol I went out with someone recently and I felt like I was a psychiatrist for his work problems. He just wanted to vent…so I listened, like you. But when I’m off work – work is usually the last thing I want to talk about, you know? But the fact that he couldn’t turn the complaining switch off long enough to get to know you….,but could turn it off to want to make out is lame. On to the next lol

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