May has already exhausted me

my week thus far:

cinco de drinko. carne asada, tequila, salsa, and a fire pit. great night. Perfect weather. good friends.

cinco de hungover-o…. I never miss work because of a hangover. It’s one of those things that you do to yourself, so you man up and get your arse to work to at least appear like you are there. suffer the consequences like a man. But not this day. This day I truly suffered. I stayed in bed til 1pm… ate two pieces of bread by 4pm… then ordered pizza and devoured it. It happens.

almost running out of gas in a town I was lost in… talk about panic. I never plan this badly. I was a mess.

fighting with a best friend for two days… crying for 24 hours straight. would’ve been nice if the day i stayed home from work aligned with this 24 hours… but no… stars didn’t align anywhere this week to make that kind of sense.

my version of night and shining armor, being swept off my feet… drunken best friend stumbling into my apartment for a make-up hug. Good thing i was fully dressed and freshly showered, looking fabulous… wait… no, the stars didn’t align there either. I was actually just finishing a workout in my living room… sweat pouring from my very red face and seeping thru my gray t-shirt.


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