The little things I love

soap suds running down my back in the shower

the surge of happy i feel after i consume caffeine

driving over a bridge with my country music blaring

early cool mornings with my windows down and before the sun is fully awake in my sweatshirt

clouds… and the what the sun can do to them

laughing with a friend… over something so silly that only that friend in that moment would find it funny with you

Feeling sexy in a skirt and heels… nothing truly rivals this feeling…

nerdy office jokes

passing by a mirror and being pleasantly surprised

hearing my niece giggle

watching my niece furrow her brow in concentration and/or confusion

missing someone so much it hurts

meeting new people


being touched

the burn in my abs, legs, arms, or anywhere the day after a good workout

being productive on a Saturday

That feeling when I walk into a clean apartment

making something pretty

the feeling I get when i’m on stage

being good at something. Even something as simple as shuffling a deck of cards.


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