a challenge to myself

So, I’ve recently discovered that I have a lot of self doubt. I didn’t realize this was something I was battling till the last 24 hours. My first step in conquering that will be to stop with the self doubting out loud. No more negative comments about me out loud. I’ll keep them to myself. I want to own me. own up to me. and just let me be me. more and more and more. I owe this to the people that I’m around on a regular basis. Who wants to be around that person that tears themselves down verbally constantly? That is annoying. I do that. I’m that annoying person. Welp, lets fix it. I’m going to look at it is as a journey. This is the beginning. I’m hoping that practicing it it will make it real.

I didn’t realize that my ex did a lot to compensate for all my self doubting. Do you realize how many compliments a day it takes to counter balance that?! Geesh! No wonder when I started doubting him that everything went to shit. That is too much for one person to take on… no matter how willing.

here’s to new habits!  Onward and upward.


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