bro’ing out

I have a friend that insists on me being his workout buddy. He calls me things like brah, brosef, broham, and my favorite, turd. Maybe he doesn’t realize I’m a girl? Maybe he uses this for every one – male or female? 

I’ve finally accepted this from him. We went fishing the other night. Did not realize fishing in the dark existed outside of country songs. It was pretty fun. We grabbed a six pack and headed to the park. Just a couple of bros broing out. (Except for the random post midnight run to mcdonalds for ice cream – do guys do this in bromances?)

He doesn’t seem interested in anything other than being friends, which is perfectly fine in my book. But i guess as a woman i always wonder what the “end-game” is. I always judge motivations of people tho. But really, an end game doesn’t have to be malicious. He could very well just be looking for work out partner, that he also likes to hang out with on a Friday night playing his guitar or hang out on Saturdays fishing in the dark. right? 

I personally have always held the belief that guys and girls can be just friends… of course, I have no proof of this or any long lasting relationships that prove my belief to be true… plenty that prove otherwise! But recently i’ve befriended a few guys and for all intents and purposes it appears that it is a true blue friendship. No line crossings. No gray areas. But I’ve had that before and was completely blind sided by a declaration of love. I’m not going to over think it. Nor will I be the one to disprove it….

Just rambling. Can I trouble you for a few thoughts on the topic?

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