A friend of mine

A friend of mine, who also happens to work with me, told me last Monday that his wife informed him that she did not love him anymore.

My heart hurts so much for him. And I never would have ever begun to realize how much this can effect a person if it had not been for my recent divorce. I’m looking into his future… and I hate it sooo much for him. It really really really hurts. It’s like i can feel the pit he is about to fall into. There’s such a wide variety of emotions that go along with all this. I take that back. Maybe its not so much a wide variety as it is the incredible depth of the emotion that you will experience. It hits you in layers. And you think you are okay and coming out of it. Then WAM! It’s back and way way way way worse. Yesterday you remember thinking you’ve found rock bottom. This is the worst it could be. You were wrong.

Both our situations are very different tho. I never had someone tell me they didn’t love me. To me that is a whole new layer on top of everything I went through. It just breaks my heart. I hate what his near future looks like.


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